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I'm Noria Chaal.
An all-around Creative, Filmmaker, Editor and Producer.

Noria Chaal (1991) graduated from the Université Lumière Lyon 2 with a degree in Technic and Artistic Practices of the Cinema Editing. Since then, her portfolio has expanded rapidly from music video clips to research films. After her internship in Berlin brought her in touch with the music industry, Noria has been shooting, directing, writing and editing music videos for various cultural actors. But it wasn't until the first time she went to Morocco to shoot film by herself for an emerging entrepreneur in Marrakech, when she truly became aware of all the stories there were to tell. In her work, Noria explores topics like cultural equality and heritage, the local musical identity, and questions the male/female relationship in the public space.

As a young female cultural entrepreneur from the diaspora, Noria immerses herself in local communities by working together with both art institutions and creative individuals. In doing so, she wishes to highlight the emerging scene of alternative pratices and push the new wave of individual contemporary thinkers. By combining artists's specific visions with her own, Noria translates stories in a way that reaches anyone. Throughout the years, she's built up a broad and ever-growing network of creatives through filming, narrative-building, and directing to name a few, making her the all-around filmmaker she is today. In the future, she hopes to continue supporting the emerging scene of the African continent and capture its growth into maturity.

Behind the Scenes.
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